cfxdm - dm:tail

Get last 'n' rows

dm:tail: This cfxdm tag allows the user to fetch last 'n' rows from the queried data.

dm:tail syntax:

  • n (optional). Specify number of last rows that need to be listed. When this argument is not specified, by default it retrieves last 10 rows.

For predictable results, use it along with dm:sort tag.

In the below example, for a reference, we are going to use VMware vROps as an extension to query the data and ingest it into dm:tail tag to list last 'n' rows.

Enter the below command to select VMware vROps Datastore Summary tag (*vrops:datastore_summary). (In this example, vrops name is used as a label to identify VMware vROps extension and it's tags. The label is defined while adding the extension in cfxdx configuration file or through UI)

tag *vrops:datastore_summary

Example 1: List last 10 rows

Get the data from VMware vROps Datastore Summary tag (*vrops:datastore_summary) and list last 10 rows.

data --> dm:tail

Example 2: Sort the data in ascending order and List last 20 rows.

Get the data from VMware vROps Datastore Summary tag (*vrops:datastore_summary), sort the data by datastore name and list last 20 rows.

data --> dm:sort columns = 'name' --> dm:tail n = 20

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