RDA - AIOps Studio

CloudFabrix'x AIOps Studio

AIOps Studio:

AIOps Studio allows users to access it using any browser for data exploration, building and validating data pipelines, solution packages, etc. from simple to complex use-cases.
You can access RDA from browser using https://<RDA-IP-Address>:9998
The default username is rdademo and the default password is rdademo1234
Please refer RDA - Installation section under Windows OS /Linux OS for more information.
Step 1: Enter login password to login into RDA UI
RDA UI using HTTPS (using Safari browser)
Note: Respective browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) will prompt users to provide a username /password. Please make a note to clear cache before ccessing RDA UI
Step 2: Accessing Terminal from main landing Page
Step 3: Accessing AIOps Studio
Step 4: AIOps Studio Landing Page
Step 5 : Display available AIOps Studio Functions
AIOps Studio Functions
Step 6 : Explore Data Automation bots