NetApp Clustered ONTAP

Clustered ONTAP inventory


NetApp Clustered ONTAP is an unified storage operating system of NetApp's FAS/AFS storage arrays which provide file, block and object storage services to end hosts and applications. CloudFabrix's RDA supports integrating with Clustered ONTAP through it's API interface to collect inventory data on-demand or on schedule basis.

Please follow below steps to create a read-only service user account which is used to collect the inventory data such as ONTAP version, storage array model, SVMs, LUNs, volumes, aggregates, disks etc.

Supported version: NetApp Clustered ONTAP Release Version 9.X or above

  1. Create an user-account with readonly user role in NetApp OnCommand System Manager

  2. Login to NetApp OnCommand System Manager as ‘admin’ privileged user

  3. Click on ‘Settings’, under 'Users' section, click on 'Add'

  4. Enter username (ex: readonly) and password.

  5. Under 'User Login Methods' section, select http and ontapi and set the role as 'readonly'

  6. Click on 'Add' button to create the service user account.

Adding NetApp ONTAP C-Mode as Datasource/Extension in 'RDA':

NetApp ONTAP C-Mode or any other datasource/extension's configuration is configured in RDA's user interface. Login into RDA's user interface using a browser.


Under 'Notebook', click on 'CFXDX Python 3' box

In the 'Notebook' command box, type botadmin() and alt (or option) + Enter to open datasource administration menu.

Click on 'Add' menu and under Type drop down, select netapp-ontap-cmode

Enter the below details to add NetApp Clustered ONTAP as a datasource:

  • Name

  • Cluster IP (IP Address or DNS name of NetApp Clustered ONTAP array cluster)

  • Username and Password

  • Port (API access port, ex: 443)

  • Protocol (http or https)

For the details on NetApp Clustered ONTAP's inventory data collection bots, please refer CloudFabrix RDA Bot documentation.

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