Upload Asset Inventory, Contracts and Edge Collector Files.

Navigation Path: Actions -> Files

User can select Files option on the left side tab selection. Once selected, a user can see the following screen on the right side.

It is recommended to use EdgeCollector File Upload.

1. Asset Inventory File

If a customer has asset inventory file in csv or in excel format, then it can be uploaded here. An example Asset Inventory Template can used for reference (as shown in Fig2)

  1. Select File Type - CSV or Excel format

  2. Choose File - To select file from local / network drive.

  3. Select Sheet - Option only applicable for Excel (Choose the right sheet where data resides)

  4. File Encoding - default 'utf8'. Choose the right encoding type for the file data encoding type.

  5. Is there a header row - If there is a header row, select Yes

  6. Number of rows to skip - Select the number of rows to skip if they do not contain data.

  7. Maximum rows to parse - Select the number of rows to parse (in case user needs to select less than all rows)

  8. File Encoding - Select the right file format (Various file encoding types are supported)

Click Upload to upload the file contents.

Fig2, 9 - User can download Asset Inventory Template so that necessary data follows recommended data format as given in template before uploading data.

2. Contracts File

If a user has a contract file in csv / excel format, then it can be uploaded by clicking on ‘Contracts’. The upload process is similar to the procedure explained in section above 3.2.1. The contracts template is available as part of Contracts upload view.

3. Edge Collector File

EdgeCollector file is a zip file with all discovered assets run as part of EdgeCollector collection. Click here to navigate to Edge Collector

Click on 'Edge Collector' and following screen is displayed.

  1. The current file type supported is Zip.

  2. Choose File (Select file from network/local drive).

  3. Click Upload to upload the discovered assets against the project for the customer.

The status of file uploads can be viewed via Clambda Jobs.

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