Organization Admin

Organization Administration - Tasks

1. Home Page and Navigation

Login as 'Organization Admin' and two applications will be visible on 'Organization Admin' Landing UI - Asset Intelligent Advisor (AIA) and Asset Intelligence Advisor Executive (AIA) as shown in Fig1. Click on Asset Intelligent Advisor (AIA Application/Icon).

Main Menu - Allows Organization Administrator to navigate to Featured Application.

Applications - The Featured Applications displays all the applications, the user has access to. By clicking on the application, the user can navigate into the application.

Logoff Menu - At any stage of the application, the user can logoff from AIA by accessing logoff menu.

Click on Asset Intelligence Advisor to navigate into the application.

The home page of AIA will be as shown in Fig2 and the various options available are described below.

1. Main Menu allows to access Featured Applications (Home page/main landing page after login), 'My Dashboard' (Any customized views, Reports saved to personal dashboard are shown here) and Clambda Jobs (background tasks logs)

2. Filters - Filters requires its own help page as there are various options and are included as part of AIA application and are captured in this Filters section.

3. Logoff Menu

4. Overall

5. POR Projections

6. HW Assets

7. SW Assets

8. Contracts

9. App Dependency

10. Asset List

11. My Organizations

12. Settings

2. Right Side Navigation Menu (Logoff,etc)

  1. At any point of time while navigating, a user can log off(Fig2.1) using the right side hamburger [Three little vertical dots](Fig2.1) menu as shown below.

2. A User can choose to set a particular application as Home (Fig2.2) so that later time, user can login and get to the selected application instead of default applications page.

3. Left Side Main Navigation Menu

  1. Featured Applications is the default selection when user logs in.

  2. My Dashboard takes you to the dashboards saved to include on 'My Dashboard' which can be done from any dashboard.

  3. Clambda jobs displays status (logs) of various user tasks.

Settings allows to access to Filters, My Downloads, My Jobs. More details on how to access those can be accessed by clicking here.

Notifications provides information / message when a user exports a dashboard, when there is an error, etc. Click here on how to navigate.

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