Solution Overview

AI driven Hybrid IT Monitoring

cfxPulse App is the Hybrid IT Monitoring solution from CloudFabrix. With cfxPulse, enterprises can monitor traditional, cloud and hybrid environments in near real-time to gain deep insights into health, performance and availability of monitored systems. cfxPulse also integrates with your incident management and collaboration systems to enable proactive diagnosis and resolution of issues. cfxPulse is highly scalable and is built with modern Microservices & containers architecture.

Key Benefits

  • Full visibility into rapidly scaling infrastructure and applications

  • Continuous learning and analysis of metrics and events to provide deep insights and issue predictions

  • Rapid customer on-boarding with Auto device discovery, CMDB population

  • Quickly add support for new devices & technologies

  • Extensible to Public Clouds, Containers, DevOps & SaaS Services

  • Role based dashboards – Exec, Admin & Operator. Monitor multiple customers, sites or regions from one portal.

  • Out of box integrations with ITSM tools like SeviceNow, BMC Remedy, Jira ServiceDesk etc.

Solution Highlights

Monitoring On-Premise Environments

On-prem environments can send data to cfxPulse SaaS Portal using data collectors that securely connect to on-premises assets/devices, collect metrics and pass it back to SaaS portal in a secure fashion.

Latest Features

  1. IT Optimization Advisor: Monitoring/Ops tuning, Recommendations...

  2. OS Monitoring: Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris …

  3. Storage Monitoring: NetApp, Pure Storage, EMC VNX, NetApp …

  4. Network device Monitoring: CDP Neighbors, License/Features, IPSLA report …

  5. Built-in reports: Uptime report, Interfaces report, Monitoring parameters report …

  6. Data export: Any tabular export to pdf/csv, trend graph data export to CSV

  7. Uptime report: Uptime report with availability, reachability report for all assets.

  8. Bandwidth report: Report with network utilization/metering summary

  9. Custom dashboards: Add any widget, Export to PDF, Email PDF, Schedule (weekly, monthly..)

  10. Custom metric graphs: Combine multiple metrics into one graph (ex: availability of 3 devices, one graph for IF in, out, discards etc.)

  11. NOC/Ops: Device Maintenance - one time, recurring, scheduled. Bulk alarm clear

  12. Incidents: Auto clear of incidents, De-dup of incidents (i.e re-use existing incident instead of creating new incident)

  13. Alerting: Suppress alerts during flapping situations

  14. Alerting policies: Time based alert suppressions (ex: during backup/patching windows)

  15. Alert threshold tuning: Ability to set individualized/specific thresholds (ex: C disk vs D disks different thresholds, same for network Interfaces …)

  16. User roles: Customer admin, Customer user, MSP admin, Multi-MSP NOC user...

  17. User Authentication: LDAP, Active Directory, SSO (Auth0)

  18. Inventory Organization: Create groups and move assets to the group (Ex: WAN group, Core Switches group etc..)

  19. UI: Dashboard auto refresh settings (helpful for NOC displays), hide any unwanted widgets,

  20. A lot more ….

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