Configuration of log shipper 'Fluentd'

This section explains how you can configure 'Fluentd' like a log shipper.

In order for the Fluentd component to send the log details to the event gateway, users have to configure two elements.

  1. Event Gateway Endpoint

  2. Fluentd configuration

Step 1:

An example Event Gateway Endpoint configuration is captured in the below configuration snippet

Gateway Endpoint:
- name: http_events
  enabled: true
  type: http
  content_type: auto
  port: 516
    site_code: cfx_dc3
    archive_name: http_events
  stream: http-stream-01 

An example Fluentd configuration is captured in the below configuration snippet.

Step 2:

Update host details in /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf (using your favorite editor (e.g. vi )

## CFX Configuration

  @type tail
  path /var/log/messages
  pos_file /var/log/td-agent/log-messages.pos
  tag cfx-test-log
    @type none
<match cfx-test-log>
  @type http
  endpoint http://<event-gateway>:516/http_events
  open_timeout 2
    @type json
    flush_interval 10s

Step 3:

Restart Fluentd service (example is captured in the below snippet)

# Restart td-agent services 
sudo systemctl stop td-agent
sudo systemctl start td-agent

Note: In order to run the above commands, the user is expected to have 'sudo' privileges or run the command as a root to enable the required ports.

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