Converts to lowercase text that require no parameters. Input must be a string.

Example 1:

Step 1: Create an empty lower_example_1 using AIOps studio as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 2: Add the following pipeline code/commands into the above-created pipeline as shown in the below screenshot:

You can copy the below code into your pipeline and execute that in your environment. ##### This pipeline creates a simple record using AIOps studio. ##### RDA function lower is used to demo this example. ##### This pipeline adds couple of rows with string column values ##### with upper and mixed case strings. Uses dm function 'lower' to convert string ##### values to all 'lower' case values. @dm:empty --> @dm:addrow id = 1 & col = "Hello World" --> @dm:addrow id = 2 & col = "CFX RDA" --> @dm:addrow id = 3 & col = "AIOps Solution in ML World" --> @dm:map attr = "col" & func = "lower"

Step 3: Click verify button to make sure syntax and pipeline code is correct (as shown below)

Step 4: Click execute button and execute the pipeline. RDA will execute the pipeline without any errors (as shown below)

Step 5: RDA uses the dm function 'lower' to change the values of each column value and convert it into lower case string values and prints the output for each dataset (or row) as shown in the following screenshot.

Similar to the above example, other dataset string based columns can be converted to lower case using the dm: function 'lower'

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