cfxdm - dm:dns_name_to_ip
DNS Name resolution from FQDN to IP Address
dm:dns_name_to_ip: It allows to resolve the FQDN names to IP addresses listed in a column into another column.
dm:dns_name_to_ip: Syntax
    from_cols (mandatory): Comma separated list of column names which has DNS Name (FQDN) values
    to_cols (mandatory): Comma separated list of column names to store resolved DNS Name (FQDN) names into IP Address.
    keep_value (optional): If it is set to 'yes', it stores the original value, else it stores 'null' value. By default it is set to 'no'
    num_threads (optional): Number of DNS lookup threads. Must be in the range of 1 to 20, Default is set to 5.
This tag uses the DNS servers configured on the host os where cfxdx is installed and running for IP Address to DNS or FQDN name resolution.
It requires an input dataset or a tag which has one or more columns with DNS Name (FQDN) values.
In the below example, tag dm:recall is used to retrieve the data from an existing saved dataset.
tag @dm:recall
data name = 'dns-name-dataset' --> @dm:dns_name_to_ip from_cols = 'Server_FQDN' & to_cols = 'Server_IP_Address' & keep_value = 'yes'
As shown in the below screen, dataset 'dns-name-dataset' has a column called 'Server_FQDN' with DNS (FQDN) name values which is ingested into dm:dns_name_to_ip tag to enrich the DnS name values by resolving them into IP Address and store the output into a new column called 'Server_IP_Address'
keep_value = 'yes' : This means, if a DNS Name (FQDN) is not resolved to IP Address, it will maintain the same DNS name as a value instead of leaving it as empty.
Below screen output shows the resolved IP Addresses under column 'Server_IP_Address'
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