cfxdm - dm:groupby

Group rows by selected columns

dm:groupby: This cfxdm tag allows the user to group the data (by rows) based on selected columns using aggregate functions.

dm:groupby syntax:

  • columns (mandatory): Select one or more columns for grouping the data.

  • agg (optional):

    • count: It is applied by default when 'agg' is not specified. Supported on any value types (numeric or non-numeric values)

    • min: Supported on numeric values only

    • max: Supported on numeric values only

    • sum: Supported on numeric values only

In the below example, for a reference, we are going to use VMware vCenter as an extension to query the data from VMs tag and their disk size.

Enter the below command to select VMware vCenter VMs tag (*vcenter:vms). (In this example, vcenter name is used as a label to identify VMware vCenter extension and it's tags. The label is defined while adding the extension in cfxdx configuration file or through UI)

tag *vcenter:vms


Get the VM's list from the above tag and select the below columns (as shown)

  • vm_name

  • disk_capacity_kb

  • bios_uuid

data * get name as 'vm_name',disk_capacity_KB as 'disk_capacity_kb',id as 'bios_uuid'

Pipe the data to dm:groupby tag to view the data grouped by VM Name.

Since 'agg' option is not specified within the dm:groupby tag, it applies agg function 'count' by default.

data * get name as 'vm_name',disk_capacity_KB as 'disk_capacity_kb',id as 'bios_uuid' --> dm:groupby columns = 'vm_name'


Continuing with above data, lets use agg function 'sum' to calculate total VM's disk size.

When agg function 'sum' is used, it automatically applies on all eligible columns (numerical values).

data * get name as 'vm_name',disk_capacity_KB as 'disk_capacity_kb',id as 'bios_uuid' --> dm:groupby columns = 'vm_name' & agg = 'sum'

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