CloudFabrix Overview

Outcome Driven AIOps For Digital IT Operations And Planning


CloudFabrix is the leading provider of Outcomes Driven AIOps Platform and Solutions to enable AI driven IT Operations and Planning. CloudFabrix enables enterprises to achieve business and operational outcomes through continuous operational and lifecycle insights from data. CloudFabrix solutions are built using flagship cfxDimensions - AIOps Platform that leverages AI and Machine Learning to enable customers to solve some of the most pressing challenges IT organizations faces today. CloudFabrix discovers and ingests on-premises and multi-cloud data through 100+ integrations available in the platform.

CloudFabrix AIOps Platform: cfxDimensions

All CloudFabrix offerings run on the core AIOps platform, called cfxDimensions. This is a flagship platform built using cloud native architecture leveraging Microservices architecture and containers for all infrastructure and application services.

Highlights of the platform

  • AI/ML engine

  • Data Ingestion & Integrations

  • Cloud Native Architecture

  • Microservice Architecture and Containers for infrastructure and application services

  • cLambda Serverless engine for high performance & short-lived low-latency services

  • Distributed platform: Application runs on multiple VMs

  • Both On-prem and SaaS versions

Learn more about cfxDimensions

CloudFabrix AIOps Solutions

CloudFabrix offers two targeted solutions built on cfxDimensions platform. The two solutions are targeted

  1. Asset Intelligence Analytics (AIA)

  2. Ops Intelligence Analytics (OIA)

Asset Intelligence Analytics (AIA) Solution

CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence Analytics (AIA), provides real-time IT asset visibility, utilization and dependencies. It provides key insights about upcoming lifecycle events - End of Life / End of Support, risks due to missing or out-of- contract assets, identify non-compliant assets and measure/track enterprise specific plan of record or compliance policies. This enables IT organizations to not only optimize their existing IT environments, but also effectively plan, track and implement digital transformation initiatives like network refresh with SDN, datacenter consolidation, move to multi-vendor infrastructure etc.

AIA covers following key focus areas:

  • 360-degree IT Asset Visibility and Intelligence: End-to-End visibility of all hardware and software assets, using agent-less discovery approach.

  • IT Asset Lifecycle Analytics & Risk Mitigation: Identification of aging and obsolete assets based on end-of-life (EoL) or end-of-support (EoS) events, identify assets under risk due to no or expiring service contracts, identify assets having security field notices or CVEs.

  • Capacity Planning and Cost Optimization: Provides asset utilization analytics, like port utilization, license utilization, subscription utilization etc. for enabling capacity planning and mitigation.

  • Compliance Tracking: Define and track internal compliance policies or plan of record (PoR) - identify number of hardware assets in current generation (N), previous generation (N-1, N-2, N-3 etc.) and software assets having software version that is standard, non-standard or unidentified. Flag all assets that are non-compliant or un-authorized and group by site, DC, service

  • Decision Rooms (coming soon): Strategize, track and implement IT transformation projects. Perform what-if scenario analysis.

Key Use Cases:

  • 306-degree IT asset visibility and analytics

  • IT lifecycle planning and risk mitigation

  • IT asset capacity planning

  • IT asset compliance tracking and system of record

  • DC/Network Refresh or Modernization

  • Reduction of AMC costs

  • Partner-led Sales Enablement

  • Advanced Asset Lifecycle Governance Services

Learn more about AIA.

Operations Intelligence Analytics (OIA) Solution

CloudFabrix offers Operations Intelligence Analytics (OIA), domain-agnostic AIOps solution , to enable IT to evolve into predictive digital IT operations in phases, while realizing immediate benefits with common problems related to event noise and incident response. OIA is available as SaaS and On-Premise deployments.

  1. Alert Watch: Reduces alert noise and brings actionability to incidents by automatically correlating alerts and events from all monitoring tools.

  2. Incident Room: Enables rapid diagnosis and resolution of incidents by providing incident-centric and context-aware operational data, knowledge base and task automation,

  3. Stack Watch: Provides ongoing awareness of alerts, anomalies, and potential issues across the full stack from business components to underlying application and infrastructure components.

Learn more about OIA.

Observability Solution

CloudFabrix offers a set of optional core apps to provide better observability and visibility (enterprise discovery, performance monitoring, log & event monitoring) for environments that have data quality gaps or legacy tools that are ripe for replacement.

  • cfxPulse: Monitors and analyzes traditional IT, cloud and hybrid environments in near real-time. Learn more

  • cfxDimensions Log Analytics: Monitor and gain deep insights from millions of logs, flows & events from centralized portal. Learn more.

  • IT Optimization Advisor: Recommendations and Analytics to enable optimization and stabilization of IT infrastructure and operations.

Core Apps

  • Data Science App (coming soon): Intuitive AI/ML toolkit or a studio for app developers to rapidly prototype, experiment and develop new deep learning models

Key Use Cases

Following are some key use cases addressed by OIA solution

  • Event aggregation

  • Alert noise reduction

  • Incident volume reduction

  • Incident MTTR reduction

  • Accelerating Incident response and remediation

  • Visualize full stack dependency mapping

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