cfxdm - dm:concat

Merge or append two or more named datasets

dm:concat: This cfxdm tag allows the user to merge two or more named datasets.

dm:concat syntax:

  • names (mandatory): List of two or more named datasets, supports regex

Please refer dm:save and dm:savedlist tags on how to create and list named datasets.

Use dm:savedlist tag to list saved datasets

tag dm:savedlist

Example 1:

From the above named datasets, merge prtg-alerts & vrops-alerts into one new named dataset using dm:concat tag

tag dm:concat
data names = "prtg-alerts|vrops-alerts" --> dm:save name = 'consolidated-alerts'


data names = ".*.alerts|.*.alerts" --> dm:save name = 'consolidated-alerts'

Change the tag to dm:savedlist to view the newly created 'consolidated-alerts' named dataset.

tag dm:savedlist

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