User Roles

User Roles and Permissions to cfxSaaS Applications

User Roles and Permissions

There are two types of user roles exist in current version of SaaS platform.
a. Workspace Admin - Full administrative rights to the workspace. Admin can add more business users to workspace and assign applications. The admin can also remove users from workspace. Administrators also responsible for performing discovery functions, creating new datasets.
b. Workspace User - Workspace Users have read only access to most of the services within an application.

How to add new users and assign applications?

Step 1. Click on Users from top menu as shown.
User Management
Step 2. To invite new users click on 'Invite New User' which opens new screen, which collects details including application privileges as shown. Fill in the details and click 'Send Invitation'. In this example, we are creating user who has only cfxPulse User level access (not administrative access).
Step 3. An email will be received by the user and once the user accepts invitation. Sample is shown below.
Confirmation email
Step 4: The user is taken to password change and once user changes password, it is redirected to workspace url.
Step 5: The business user can login and perform the actions (See 'End User Quick Start Guide'). Please note the service user will not be able to select new apps or will not be able to navigate to Users screen.
Service User Home Screen
Step 6. Once user accepts the invitation, the administrator can view the Workspace Users as shown.
User Management