Strip Strips white spaces from both sides of a string, Requires no parameters. Input must be a string.

This function allows users to strip additional or special characters from the input string.

Example 1:

Step 1: Create an empty strip_example_1 using AIOps studio as shown in the below screenshot. 

Step 2: Add the following pipeline code/commands into the above-created pipeline as shown in the below screenshot:

You can copy the below code into your pipeline and execute that in your environment. ##### This pipeline creates two rows with different strings that contain additional white ##### spaces at the end of the strings and is stored as dataset. ##### Pipeline uses RDA dm strip function to remove additional white spaces at the end ##### and output is displayed without white spaces. @dm:empty --> @dm:addrow Input_String = 'RDA is a data exchange and transformation tool ' --> @dm:addrow Input_String = 'AIOps uses RDA tool ' --> @dm:map from = 'Input_String' & to = 'Output_String' & func = strip

Step 3: Click verify button to make sure syntax and pipeline code is correct (as shown below)

Step 4: Click execute button and execute the pipeline. RDA will execute the pipeline without any errors (as shown below)

Step 5: RDA uses the dm function strip to remove white spaces from the input string. In this example, two strings with additional white spaces are fed to the dm function 'strip' which in turn removes white spaces and prints the output. This function will be useful when the dataset contains strings with white spaces (tabs, etc).

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