Solution Overview

CloudFabrix's AIOps Solution for Digital IT Operations

Operations Intelligence Analytics (OIA) Solution

CloudFabrix offers Operations Intelligence Analytics (OIA), domain-agnostic AIOps solution , to enable IT to evolve into predictive digital IT operations in phases, while realizing immediate benefits with common problems related to event noise and incident response. OIA is available as SaaS and On-Prem deployment.

OIA consists of the following three modules

  1. Alert Watch: Reduces alert noise and brings actionability to incidents by automatically correlating alerts and events from all monitoring tools. Key capabilities include:

  2. Incident Room: Enables rapid diagnosis and resolution of incidents by providing incident-centric and context-aware operational data, knowledge base and task automation,

  3. Stack Watch: Provides ongoing awareness of alerts, anomalies, and potential issues across the full stack from business components to underlying application and infrastructure components.

Alert Watch

CloudFabrix Alert Watch is a digital gatekeeper for all your IT alerts and events. It sends all your alerts and events to CloudFabrix Alert Watch and gets actionable alerts and incidents which are fully enriched, correlated and deduped to eliminate noise and lead to action.

How It Works?

The CloudFabrix Alert Watch maps, correlate and reduce numerous alerts & events into actionable insights. The following diagram shows high level flow for Alert Watch.

  1. Ingest Alerts- Ingest alerts and events from any source or tool or environments like existing IT monitoring tools, etc.

  2. Enrich- Enrich each of the alert with dynamically populated data to provide key application, service or business context that aids in efficient alert correlation and routing.

  3. Correlate- Group and correlate alerts into actionable problems. Using Machine Learning, suggestions for alert correlations are automatically provided and allows to control correlation behaviour with a visual editor.

  4. Suppress- Automatically detect and deduplication of alert bursts or alert flapping situations. During daily backups, patching or maintenance windows, the alerts are suppressed.

  5. Analytics- Powerful analytics and visualizations to identify anomalies in alert behaviour, key alerting patterns and trends.

  6. Optimizations: Provides actionable recommendations to optimize and tune alerting behaviour. Also identifies candidates for dynamic thresholds, resource hogs, time of day hotspots, etc.

Incident Room

CloudFabrix Incident Room is a modern digital collaborative war room, enabling faster incident diagnosis and remediation of incidents.

CloudFabrix Incident Room (IR)

  • Provides improvement in Operational Efficiency

  • Reduces Mean Time to Diagnose / Resolve (MTTD, MTTR)

  • Reduces alert noise

  • Handles large volume of incident data

  • Provides centralized portal for alerts and incidents originating from multiple systems.

CloudFabrix Stack Watch

CloudFabrix Stack Watch combines traditional monitoring tools / methods and applies AI / ML technologies to help IT teams to proactively prevent issues.

How It Works?

Stack Definition: Stack is a logical composition of technology elements that deliver a set of outcomes. Users can define their own stack and can include both application and infra components. The stacks can be added or deleted.

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