Device Uptime Reports

Customers can view an up-time report of all their devices using this report, which is the last widget in customer dashboard or customer home page.

Interface Bandwidth Utilization Report

This is report is available per interface as a top widget in Interface page, which can be navigated by selecting the desired Interface from Interfaces tabular report in the Device home page.

Exporting Time Series Metrics Data to CSV for Offline Reporting

Exporting Tabular Data to PDF for Offline Reporting

Tabular reports can be exported in CSV or PDF format, for offline consumption

Exporting Dashboard As PDF Report

On Any dashboard, by clicking three vertical dots on right side of the dashboard brings a menu with following options.

i) Refresh - refreshes current dashboard

ii) Export as PDF - Exports current dashboard as pdf as shown below

iii) Settings.

Scheduling Reports Based On Custom Dashboard

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