Returns a fixed value specified by the 'value' parameter. @param value Type can be string or number

This function is helpful when a user wants to get a fixed value from a dataset (or set of column values).

Example 1:

Step 1: Create an empty fixed_example using AIOps studio as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 2: Add the following pipeline code/commands into the above-created pipeline as shown in the below screenshot:

You can copy the below code into your pipeline and execute that in your environment. ##### This pipeline creates a list of rows with sales amount (int values) for each month ##### using AIOps studio. ##### RDA function fixed is used to demo this example (along with groupby, sum) ##### TOTAL is used as a variable on which sum is performed to get the total sales ##### amount for all six months (RDA uses agg = "sum" to calculate sum of all sales ##### and provide the output of the total amount. Here TOTAL is used as an additional ##### dummy column to allow RDA to calculate the sum. @dm:empty --> @dm:addrow amount = 10000 & month = 'Jan' --> @dm:addrow amount = 15000 & month = 'Feb' --> @dm:addrow amount = 11000 & month = 'Mar' --> @dm:addrow amount = 18000 & month = 'April' --> @dm:addrow amount = 8000 & month = 'May' --> @dm:addrow amount = 10000 & month = 'June' --> @dm:map to = "TOTAL" & func = "fixed" & value = "TOTAL" --> @dm:groupby columns = "TOTAL" & agg = "sum" --> *dm:filter * get TOTAL, amount

Step 3: Click verify button to make sure syntax and pipeline code is correct (as shown below)

Step 4: Click execute button and execute the pipeline. RDA will execute the pipeline without any errors (as shown below)

Step 5: RDA uses the dm function 'fixed' to use a dummy column across all the available rows and provides a sum of 'amount' columns (which are defined in int') and provides an aggregate/sum value in the amount column after pipeline execution as shown in the below screenshot.

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