Organization User

The Organization User has access to only AIA (Asset Intelligence Advisor) as shown.

For AIA Organization User, from main menu, only 'Featured Applications' is available.

Main Menu: Only 'Featured Applications' menu available.

Logoff Menu: User can logout from the application by clicking on Logoff Menu and selecting 'Logout' menu.

Click on AIA Application to navigate to AIA Application Homepage and is as shown below.

Settings allows to access to Filters, My Downloads, My Jobs. More details on how to access those can be accessed by clicking here.

If Organization User has more than one organization, then the main application page shows combined results in dashboard. The following procedure shows on how to select individual organization.

If Organization User has only one organization assigned, then there is no requirement to select organization.

To perform various tasks and navigate to corresponding dashboards, click on the corresponding links below.

Overall Dashboard provides overview of Assets By Plan Of Records, Assets Utilization, Assets By Product, Assets By Location, Assets By EOL/EOS.

Plan Of Records (POR) provides current status of Parent/Access/FEX (Fabric Extenders) of assets for the periods of n, n-1, n-2>.

Hardware (HW) Assets dashboard provides visualization of hardware assets by POR, by Utilization, by End Of Life (EOL) / End of Support (EOS), by location, assets by replacement parts, assets by replacement parts, etc.

Software (SW) Assets dashboard provides SW Types With Versions, SW Versions by types, SW Asset Details, etc.

Contracts dashboard displays current contract status for assets including contracts expired, contracts expiring soon and allows to access to a particular contract information.

App Dependency dashboard provides visualization of assets dependency mapping of connected / dependent assets, resolved MAC addresses, IP Addresses, Ports, etc.

Assets List dashboard provides overall assets and CDP Neightbours showing all connected devices.

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