Navigation: Organization -> Actions -> Dictionaries and select Upload

Click on Dictionaries tab under Actions. The following screen is displayed.

When you click on Upload, it will display the following form.

The following dictionary types are available.

  • Product Type Dictionary

  • Replacement Parts Dictionary

  • Software POR Dictionary

  • Hardware POR Dictionary

  • Site Code

  • Topology Tier

  • Organization Equipment Type

  • Site Zone Alias

  • Device Family Alias

  • PID Alias

  • Region CAFM Code

  • Missing CAFM Code

  • Application Hardware Mapping

  • RMA List

CloudFabrix may add more dictionary types and always check with CloudFabrix team if the dictionary type is not covered.

The following explains some of the dictionaries available to upload

1. Product Type Dictionary

Organization level product type dictionaries can be uploaded by the user. These dictionaries are different to default dictionaries created at the time provision. The dictionaries uploaded here are visible only for this organization not to any other organization if exists within AIA application.

Click on Product Type which shows the following view.

While most of the fields are self explanatory, all supported vendors are displayed under 'Select Existing Vendor'. please chose if the data is related to one of the supported vendors.

Clicking Upload uploads product type data.

There is product type template available which can be used to make sure data follows supported format. The template can be downloaded from 'Download Product Type Template' on Product type upload view.

2. Replacement Part Dictionary

When you click on Replacement Part Dictionary, it captures the file upload information as shown in Fig2.1.

Note: Make sure to download the Template "Download Replacement Parts Dictionary Template' as shown in Fig2 to make sure the entries matches to the the template.

3. Step By Step Data Dictionary Upload Example

Recommended File Encoding type 'utf-8'. If it content file encoding type is not utf-8, please ensure to select appropriate encoding type from the dropdown.

a. Uploading Software Plan Of Records(POR) [Format - Excel File]

  1. Select Dictionary type as 'Software POR' from drop down list.

  2. Select File Type Excel as the file we choose is of type Excel.

  3. Click Choose File and select the file from local/network drive (where file stored). The file name can be anything but chose the file which has software POR entries and our example file was named as 'SW-N-N-1.xlsx'. Click.

  4. Select Sheet and in this case, only one sheet is available and is selected by default.

  5. No Preprocessing is required for this file. So default will be 'None'.

  6. There is a header row, hence 'Yes' is selected for 'Is there a header row'

  7. All rows to be considered as there are no rows to be ignored at the start of the rows of data, hence '0' number of rows to skip is selected.

  8. All rows needs to be parsed, hence 'All' is selected by default.

  9. File Encoding required is utf8.

A Sample screen with entries are as shown below.

Note: There is 'Download Software POR Template' as visible in Fig3, this downloads a template POR so that users can understand the columns, etc details and enter necessary data before uploading.

The status logs of the upload job can be checked at Clambda Jobs section.

Once dictionary is uploaded, these can be viewed at 'Upload Dictionary' bottom view 'My Dictionaries' as shown in Fig3.3.

b. Step By Step Dictionary Upload - ex: Hardware Plan Of Records (POR) [Format - CSV File]

The procedure is same as previous step a) and the following figure3.5 displays the entries. Please note file type is Comma Separated and there is select sheet option as CSV files do not have sheets like Excel.

Note: It takes 1-2 minutes to process the file and upload the information. You can refresh the view My Dictionaries as highlighted in Fig3.5

The result after refresh is as follows.

Note: Only Software POV and Hardware POV after upload are displayed in 'My Dictionaries'. No other file upload is displayed in this view.

c. Other Dictionaries.

Note: It is possible that all dictionaries are uploaded as single zip file rather individual files and the process is currently under development.

Please note the number of dictionaries can vary depending on the client and client's assets. All the following files are of csv type.

Dictionary Type

Sample File Name

Site Code Dictionary


Topology Tier Dictionary


Customer Equipment Type Dictionary


Site Zone Alias Dictionary


Device Family Alias Dictionary


PID Alias Dictionary


Region CAFM Code Dictionary


Missing CAFM Code Dictionary


Once all dictionaries are uploaded, the dictionaries are displayed in My Dictionaries as shown in Fig3.7.

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