Logging into Workspace.

  1. You can navigate directly to the workspace url for example and the following login screen is displayed.

2. The initial workspace home page will contain no applications and is as shown below.

3. From homepage, the user can reach to the top menu, for example adding new service (App), creating new user, requesting support, etc.

Add Applications to Workspace

  1. To add applications like cfxPulse, cfxRealize, etc (to subscribe for a service) , you need to add respective service Application. From top menu, click on ‘Apps’. Click on ‘+’ sign to select the desired service.

2. Currently available services / applications are displayed. For example, cfxPulse (Hybrid IT Monitoring & Analytics) , cfxRealize (Asset Intelligence Analytics), etc as shown.

3. Select the required application, for example, cfxPulse is selected and click Add to add the service to the subscription. It takes couple of mins or even lesser before the service is being added to workspace. If the page does not refresh automatically, please refresh the page.

You can also select both or all available applications to the workspace. Then the Apps screens shows already added application and a '+' to add new applications. The following screen displays the added application.

Launch the application

  1. From the Application screen, you can launch the respective applications by clicking on the application as shown.

2. It takes you into the application for further processing. As initially no business content is created, the displayed dashboard will be empty.

How to find User Activity

  1. The administrator can see all activities carried out by all users. It can be navigated by clicking ‘Activities’ from top menu.

2. The users can use search box to narrow down on results. In the following example, the user email id is entered so that only the user details are shown.

Locating Resources

Customers can download Collector, Vendor Dictionaries and other frequently downloadable modules from Resources page, which is located as main menu item at the top location of SaaS .

Locating Documentation

Documentation can be located in the Resources menu item in the top menu of the SaaS.

Contacting Support

Support team can be contacted in two ways

1) SaaS Customers can contact support team by navigating to the Support menu on the top and clicking on the Contact Support option. This will cross-launch the ticketing system, where a new case can be created or existing case can be updated.

2) General Queries, technical questions or any product related queries can be redirected to support by email at

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