Project Configuration

cfxOIA - Project Features
There are two ways to login to the project - via OIA Administration app and Ops Intelligence & Analtics (OIA) app.
As OIA administrator login to cfxOIA and click on 'OIA Administration' app. You are navigated to projects.
A sample screen of project home page is as shown.
Projects View
Click on 'Open' on a project to navigate to project and the following is sample screen.
cfxOIA - Project Home Page
The following functionality is currently available.
1) Stacks - You can create new stacks, delete stacks and also view existing stack sequence. A stack is a sequence of resolvers some of which require necessary configuration.
Click here for more information on stacks.
2) Teams - A team is other support teams who might have interest in resolving an incident. It is also a place where you can create channels like email to send emails while resolving incidents. Please click here to navigate to Teams documentation
Last modified 3yr ago