AIOps Studio - Solution Packages
Solution packages provides a packaged solution that includes user credentials, pipelines.
This AIOps studio option provides, users to import a solution package that is pre-packaged for automation and other solutions. It comprises pipelines in JSON files along with datasets in CSV file formats packaged in standard zip file format.
AIOps allows users to import solution packages and allows users to pick and choose pipelines as per need.

Solution Package - Import

AIOps Studio Solution Package import functionality
File Path or URL: File can be uploaded to AIOps Studio (Jupyter folder location via UI) or Downloaded from a URL
Password for decrypting configurations: Password that was used while exporting the solution packages (can be empty in case if there is no password used during export).

Solution Package - Export

Name - Name of the solution package that the user is creating.
Version - Version a user intends to attach for versioning solution packages.
Description - Description of the solution package.
Pipelines - User-created /developed pipelines that are packaged (intended to package as part of solution package).
Datasets - User-created datasets that are packaged (intended to package as part of solution package)
Configurations - Datasource configurations that are packaged (intended to package as part of solution package).
Password for encryption configurations - Password to protect solution package while exporting (a user can leave this field empty)
Export To File - To export a file in zip-file format.
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