Add New Users and Assign Roles

cfxOIA - How to create / assign Users and Roles

How To Create Project Admin

  1. Login as Project Admin and click on "Customers & Users" application.

You can add new users using Users App displayed on home screen while logged in as administrator. Select RMU Users App for user management.

Creating New User and Assigning a Role

Step 1: Select Users tab from left side menu. Click on '+' sign to add new user.

Step 2: In 'Add User' view, enter the following details.

a) User ID - User login ID (unique).

b) Password and Confirm Password - Set initial password for the user

c) Last Name - Enter last name of the user

d) First Name - Enter first name of the user

e) Email ID - Enter email id of the user

f) Role - Select what type of role you want to assign to the user. Currently only 'Customer Admin' role is available. Please contact CloudFabrix support team if you need other type of roles.

Step 3: Click 'Save' to save the newly created user.

Deleting a User

You can delete a user by selecting 'Delete User' on context menu of existing user.

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