CloudFabrix Overview

Actionable Intelligence for IT Lifecycle Planning & Autonomous Operations


CloudFabrix is the leading provider of AIOps solution to enable Enterprises and IT Organizations in three key areas: Autonomous Operations, IT Lifecycle Planning and Customer Experience. CloudFabrix enables enterprises to achieve business and operational outcomes through continuous operational and lifecycle insights from data. CloudFabrix solutions are built using flagship cfxDimensions Digital Intelligence Platform that leverages AI and Machine Learning to enable customers to solve some of the most pressing challenges IT organizations are facing today. CloudFabrix discovers and ingests on-premises and multi-cloud data through 100+ integrations available in the platform.

CloudFabrix Apps

CloudFabrix solution consists of a set of turnkey apps to enable IT Operations and IT Planning functions. Customers can subscribe to one or more Apps depending on their needs.

IT Operations Apps

  • cfxPulse: Monitors and analyzes traditional IT, cloud and hybrid environments in near real-time. Learn more

  • cfxDimensions Log Analytics: Monitor and gain deep insights from millions of logs, flows & events from centralized portal. Learn more.

  • Incident Room (coming soon): Modern digital collaborative war room for faster and efficient incident triaging, diagnosis and remediation. Learn more.

  • IT Optimization Advisor (coming soon): Recommendations and Analytics to enable optimization and stabilization of IT infrastructure and operations.

IT Planning Apps

  • Asset Intelligence Analytics (AIA): End-to-end visibility of all IT assets, identification of aging assets, expiring service contracts, and recommend migration paths. Learn more

  • Decision Rooms (coming soon): Strategize, track and implement IT transformation projects. Perform what-if scenario analysis.

Core Apps

  • Data Science App (coming soon): Intuitive AI/ML toolkit or a studio for app developers to rapidly prototype, experiment and develop new deep learning models

  • File Browser App (coming soon): Upload, browse and manage file and data inputs for consumption by Datasets and other CFX apps

Key Use Cases

Following are some key use cases and customer scenarios enabled by CloudFabrix suite of apps:

IT Operations Use Cases:

  • Alert noise reduction

  • Hybrid IT Monitoring

  • Log, Event and Security Analysis

  • AI Powered Advisory Recommendations

  • Automated Incident response and remediation

  • Visualize full stack dependency mapping

IT Planning Use Cases:

  • IT lifecycle planning

  • DC/Network Refresh or Modernization

  • Reduction of AMC costs

  • Partner Lead and Sales Enablement

  • Advanced Asset Lifecycle Governance Services

  • Intelligent IT Operations - Alert Noise Reduction & Automating incident Mgmt

  • Next gen NOC/SOC Operations Automation