Getting Started with CloudFabrix SaaS!

CloudFabrix Overview

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign up for CloudFabrix SaaS

1. To sign-up for CloudFabrix SaaS (, from landing page, click on ‘Create New Workspace and Register’. The platform allows up to 30 days of free trial.

CloudFabrix SaaS New Workspace Registration / Login Page

2. Enter the workspace name (ex: your company name without spaces). The workspace name should be unique. For example, the following screen shows registration of workspace 'Acme Inc' as ‘acmeinc’ . The name needs to be unique and once created the name cannot be changed. After entering workspace Name, click ‘Go to Registration’ button.

Workspace name

The workspace will be <chosen workspace name> In the example shown it will be

If your chosen workspace already exists, an error message is displayed at the top of the page as follows.

Workspace name either reserved or already exists

If error message is displayed, either you can check and correct workspace name or contact your organization administrator to add you into organization users.

3. Once workspace is verified and unique, you will be directed to the registration page and enter your business email which will be your user name, first name and last name. No payment details are required while registering for 30 day trail of the SaaS platform.

After entering the details, you need to agree to the CloudFabrix Agreement terms before registration of workspace.

The screenshot below shows sample filled-in form.

Registration Form

4. Click ‘Register’. A message that ‘Registration requested successful’ is displayed and an email to validate registration is sent.

Registration Successful

If username already registered then an error message is displayed on top of the page as follows.

Registration Unsuccessful

5. Check your email inbox for confirmation mail and click on ‘Confirm You Email’ to register for the workspace. The link expires in 24 hours. It will take couple of minutes before the mail arrives to your inbox. Please check your spam folder and also add into your safe receiver list.

Confirmation Email

6. Click on 'Confirm Your Email' and the confirmation link directs you to create a new password as shown below:

Change Password

7) The password needs to be of 8 characters with at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters.

  • Lower case letters (a-z)

  • Upper case letters (A-Z)

  • Numbers (i.e. 0-9)

  • Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)

You will be confirmed of password change. After couple of moments, it redirects to login page.

Password change confirmation

8) The registration is successful and you will be re-directed to login page

Step 2: Logging into Workspace.

  1. You can navigate directly to the workspace url for example and the following login screen is displayed.

2. The initial workspace home page will contain no applications and is as shown below.

Workspace Landing Page

3. From homepage, the user can reach to the top menu, for example adding new service (App), creating new user, requesting support, etc.

Step 3 : Add Applications to Workspace

  1. To add applications like cfxPulse, cfxRealize, etc (to subscribe for a service) , you need to add respective service Application. From top menu, click on ‘Apps’. Click on ‘+’ sign to select the desired service.

2. Currently available services / applications are displayed. For example, cfxPulse (Hybrid IT Monitoring & Analytics) , cfxRealize (Asset Intelligence Analytics), etc as shown.

Available Applications

3. Select the required application, for example, cfxPulse is selected and click Add to add the service to the subscription. It takes couple of mins or even lesser before the service is being added to workspace. If the page does not refresh automatically, please refresh the page.

You can also select both or all available applications to the workspace. Then the Apps screens shows already added application and a '+' to add new applications. The following screen displays the added application.

Step 4 : Launch the application

  1. From the Application screen, you can launch the respective applications by clicking on the application as shown.

2. It takes you into the application for further processing. As initially no business content is created, the displayed dashboard will be empty.

cfxPulse Home Page

User Roles and Permissions

There are two types of user roles exist in current version of SaaS platform.

a. Workspace Admin - Full administrative rights to the workspace. Admin can add more business users to workspace and assign applications. The admin can also remove users from workspace. Administrators also responsible for performing discovery functions, creating new datasets.

b. Workspace User - Workspace Users have read only access to most of the services within an application.

How to add new users and assign applications?

Step 1. Click on Users from top menu as shown.

User Management

Step 2. To invite new users click on 'Invite New User' which opens new screen, which collects details including application privileges as shown. Fill in the details and click 'Send Invitation'. In this example, we are creating user who has only cfxPulse User level access (not administrative access).

Step 3. An email will be received by the user and once the user accepts invitation. Sample is shown below.

Confirmation email

Step 4: The user is taken to password change and once user changes password, it is redirected to workspace url.

Step 5: The business user can login and perform the actions (See 'End User Quick Start Guide'). Please note the service user will not be able to select new apps or will not be able to navigate to Users screen.

Service User Home Screen

Step 6. Once user accepts the invitation, the administrator can view the Workspace Users as shown.

User Management

How to find User Activity

  1. The administrator can see all activities carried out by all users. It can be navigated by clicking ‘Activities’ from top menu.

Users Activities

2. The users can use search box to narrow down on results. In the following example, the user email id is entered so that only the user details are shown.

Locating Resources

Customers can download Collector, Vendor Dictionaries and other frequently downloadable modules from Resources page, which is located as main menu item at the top location of SaaS .

Locating Documentation

Documentation can be located in the Resources menu item in the top menu of the SaaS.

Contacting Support

Support team can be contacted in two ways

1) SaaS Customers can contact support team by navigating to the Support menu on the top and clicking on the Contact Support option. This will cross-launch the ticketing system, where a new case can be created or existing case can be updated.

2) General Queries, technical questions or any product related queries can be redirected to support by email at