Adds prefix and suffix to the suffix to the specified string @param prefix Type string. Optional. default value is ' ' ) @param suffix Type string. Optional. default value is ' ' ) Input must be a string. If input is null, it is treated an ' ' (empty) string.

This function allows users to concatenate column with additional string data. Additional string values can be provided as 'prefix' and or as 'suffix'. This allows users to modify column values and add additional string values as per need and requirement.

Step 1: Create an empty concat_example using AIOps studio as shown in the below screenshot

Step 2: Add the following pipeline code/commands into the above created pipeline as shown in the below screenshot:

You can copy the below code into your pipeline and execute that in your environment. ##### This pipeline creates a simple record for an attribute (column) ##### using AIOps studio. ##### RDA function concat is used to demo this example. ##### This function uses 'prefix' and 'suffix' as additional string values and ##### concatenate with original value of column X (attribute) @dm:empty --> @dm:addrow X = 'RDA Concat Column' --> @dm:map func = 'concat' & attr = 'X' & prefix = 'Hello ' & suffix = ' World'

Step 3: Click verify button to make sure syntax and pipeline code is correct (as shown below)

Step 4: Click execute button and execute the pipeline. RDA will execute the pipeline with out any errors (as shown below)

Step 5: RDA uses the function to concatenate column with additional string data. In the current pipeline example, prefix is given as 'Hello' and suffix is given as 'World'. Function uses these string values and concatenates to the value of column 'X'. In the current example, attribute 'X' has a value of ''RDA Concat Column' and concat function would change that value to "Hello RDA Concat Column World" after successful execution of pipeline (as shown in below screenshot)

Similar to the above example, users will be able to modify the other columns (or attributes) based on the requirements.

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