Joins input list

join Joins input list using an optional separator. @param sep (optional), default value is ' ' . Input is expected to be a list. If the input is not a list, it returns the value without joining.

This function allows users to join the columns using a separator token.

Example 1:

Step 1: Create an empty join_example_1 using AIOps studio as shown in the below screenshot.

Empty join_example pipeline

Step 2: Add the following pipeline code/commands into the above-created pipeline as shown in the below screenshot:

You can copy the below code into your pipeline and execute that in your environment. ##### This pipeline creates a simple record using AIOps studio. ##### RDA function join is used to demo this example. ##### This function uses different columns and join them using a separator character ##### Function 'join' is used join the column values using a user provided separator @dm:empty --> @dm:addrow A = "Hello" & B = "World" & C = "Join" & D = "Example" --> @dm:map from = "A,B,C,D" & to = "X" & func = "join" & sep = ","

Pipeline code

Step 3: Click verify button to make sure syntax and pipeline code is correct (as shown below)

Pipeline code verification without any errors

Step 4: Click execute button and execute the pipeline. RDA will execute the pipeline without any errors (as shown below)

Pipeline execution without any errors.

Step 5: RDA uses the function 'join' to join all the column values with a separate token "," and displays the output as shown in the below screenshot.

RDA function join will join the values using separator token and displays the data.

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