Configuration of cfxPulse

Configuration of cfxPulse for first time requires the following tasks to be completed in sequence.

  1. Installing cfxPulse Collector on Gateway

  2. Setting up Credentials

Installing cfxPulse Collector on Gateway

pageInstalling cfxPulse Collector

Go through the instructions 'Installing cfxPulse Collector' to complete installation and verification of cfxPulse collector on Gateway.

After installation, ensure that Gateway services go into available state as shown below (Edge Collector Status - Not Available is ok).

Setting up Credentials for Device

Once gateway is configured and the services status shown as 'Available', the next step is to enter and store 'Device Credentials'.

  • From main menu, go to Configuration menu item as shown below

  • Go to Customers->Discovery. Select the displayed environment as shown.

  • As shown below, you can add credentials for Infrastructure Accounts, Device Credentials, Application Credentials,etc by selecting respective tab as shown.

  • The following example shows steps to add SNMP Credentials. Click on Device Credentials. Once you are this view, click on '+' icon as shown.

  • Clicking on '+' (Add) navigates to the the following screen.

  • For SNMP devices, select device credential type as SNMP.

  • Add SNMP details and selects SNMP protocol – Default is SNMPv2c. Write community is optional and used for Config Backup Feature (if enabled).

  • Click Finish to complete setting up the SNMP device credential.

Setting up Credentials for Infra Accounts

The process is similar to device credentials.

Go to Customers > Environment > Infrastructure Accounts to add account credentials as shown below.

List of supported devices are:

    • UCS Manager

    • VMware

    • IP Configure Camera

    • AWS

Discovering Network Devices

  • Navigate to Configuration> Customer> Discovery > Discovery Runs and click Start Discovery.

  • In the Start Discovery page enter Name of the discovery.

  • Select Profile Name by clicking on + and choose an available profile.

  • Select Device Input Type to Enter Devices and enter the IP address of the devices to be discovered. Use wild-card expression if required.

  • Choose Device Discovery option and unselect Discover SSH Credentials.

  • Optional - Select Perform multi-loop discovery for discovering CDP neighbor (if enabled on the device) and enter number of hops.

  • Optional - Schedule the discovery now or at a scheduled time later.

  • Select Perform reverse lookup.

  • Click Start Discovery.

  • Wait for the discovery job to finish. Upon completion, Status shows completed.

  • Choose the discovery and click View Discovered Devices to view the list of discovered devices.

  • This completes device discovery. Repeat steps above to start as many discoveries as needed, each with options to run immediately or schedule discovery at a specific time.

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