cfxdm - dm:save
Save data into a named dataset
dm:save: This cfxdm tag allows the user to save the retrieved data from an extension's tag as a named dataset for later consumption.
dm:save syntax: Below arguments are supported.
    name (mandatory): Name (unique) of the dataset which is to be saved.
    publish (optional): Name of the tag to ingest or publish into cfxDimensions platform. It can be used only with cfxDimensions platform configuration.
This extension tag is typically used along with dm:recall tag.
To list the named datasets, use dm:savedlist tag.
In the below example, for a reference, we are going to use VMware vROps as an extension to query the data and ingest it into dm:selectcolumns to select specific columns using include/exclude or both together.
Enter the below command to select VMware vROps Alerts tag (@vrops:alerts). (In this example, vrops name is used as a label to identify VMware vROps extension and it's tags. The label is defined while adding the extension in cfxdx configuration file or through UI)
tag @vrops:alerts
Example 1:
Get VMware vROps alert data and save it as a named dataset.
data --> dm:save name = 'vrops-alerts'
Use dm:savedlist tag to list saved datasets
tag dm:savedlist
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