Platform Admin

Platform Administrator Tasks for cfxAIA

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First Steps to be performed by Platform Administrator

The following steps are to be performed by Platform Administrators only after installation of AIA. In most cases, these will be done before provisioning to customers. If in doubt, always check with CloudFabrix Support.

Step 1: Create Managed Service Provider

pageManaged Service Provider (MSP)

Step 2: Check Datasets By Customer

Click on Shared and it will show virtual datasets (Connector Type = Virtual Datasets) and Status 'Active'.

If no virtual datasets are pre-imported and shown here, please contact CloudFabrix Customer Support.

Step 3: Set Up Initial Services

pageSet Up Services

Before proceeding with Step4, one need to modify or remove the role from user profile so that all unnecessary user roles which are not required for AIA are removed.

Please contact CloudFabrix Customer Support.

Step 4: Add Organization(s)


Step 5: Add Users and Assign to Organization(s)


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