1. Snapshots

Snapshots allows to take snapshot at a particular time and allows to compare the assets before applying a task/job and after applying a task/job.

There are three functionalities available - Create new snapshot, Compare Snapshots, Schedule Snapshot

A sample Snapshot dashboard is as shown below.

Create Snapshot

As shown in Fig1a, a new snapshot can be created by clicking on '+' icon under snapshots.

From the above Create Snapshot Fig1b,

  1. Enter a name to the snapshot

  2. Enter description

  3. Enter Type of snapshot - Asset Application Dependency, CDP Neighbours, Asset Intelligence Data, Contracts.

  4. Include Columns. Select columns that needs to be included in the snapshot

  5. Exclude Columns. Select columns that needs to be excluded from the snapshot

  6. Schedule - Make sure to check this which expands to collect time so that snapshot can be created at scheduled times.

  7. Create - Create the Snapshot. If Schedule is created then it will be scheduled.

At any point of view the assets attached to the snapshot can be accessed by navigating via context menu of the snapshot as shown below.

2. Snapshots Difference

Snapshots difference allows to compare the difference between two snapshots. For example a snapshot taken before a job and snapshot taken after a job.

To make comparison, click on 'Compare Snapshots' as shown in Fig2a.

This opens a new view to enable selection of snapshots for comparison as shown in Fig2b.

  1. Enter name for comparing snapshots (to that it can be saved and viewed)

  2. Enter Description

  3. Select Snapshot 1

  4. Select Snapshot 2

  5. Select which columns to compare (Only common columns across snapshots are selectable).

  6. Click on 'Compare' to make a comparison.

3. Snapshot Schedules

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