Setting Up Monitoring

Setting up Devices for monitoring

You can set up devices for monitoring as follows

  1. Go to Customers> Environments > Devices & Groups

  2. Click on search devices and enter the IP Address or Host name of the device to be monitored

  3. Click Manage the device or change to active to start monitoring the device. This starts metrics data collection for the device.

  4. Once a device is enabled for monitoring, the status of Monitoring Mode will show as ACTIVE.

5. You can choose so Manage All or Unmanage All discovered devices. This is the quickest way to enable monitoring on all devices.

6. You can use Bulk Actions to perform several monitoring actions such as enabling and disabling monitoring on multiple devices using, bulk Manage Devices or Unmanaged devices.

7. To access the monitoring stats, go to the customer home page to locate device.

8. It may take some time for interfaces to show up and get managed (depending on periodicity specified in Management Profile for the device).

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