RDA - Configuration

RDA service reads and loads the configuration from config.yml file. It's location is under ~/cfx/cfxdx/config directory. As part of the installation, it comes with some default configuration settings defined within the config.yml file.
Below are the configuration settings within the config.yml file of RDA service.
multisource: yes
host: <rda-host-ip>:9000
secure: false
access_key: <minio-access-key>
secret_key: <minio-secret-key>
data_saver_type: minio
data_saver_local_path: /tmp/cfxdm_saved_data/
data_saver_minio_bucket_name: cfxdx-data
data_saver_minio_object_prefix: cfxdm-saved-data/
# Data Extensions or Datasource integrations
# ServiceNow extension. Integration for Tickets, Change Requests and CMDB data
- name: snow
type: servicenow
instance: "<instance-name>"
username: "<username>"
password: "<password>"
$secure: [ "instance", "username", "password" ]
- tag: incidents
table: incident
label: ServiceNow Incidents
update-mode: append
mandatory: [ "short_description", "description"]
optional: []
- tag: incidents-update
table: incident
label: ServiceNow Incidents
update-mode: update
ids: [ "number" ]
data: [ "short_description", "description" ]
- tag: change-requests
table: change_request
label: ServiceNow Change Requests
- tag: cmdb-config-items
table: cmdb_ci
label: ServiceNow CMDB All Configuration Items
- tag: cmdb-computers
table: cmdb_ci_computer
label: ServiceNow CMDB Computers
- tag: cmdb-network
table: cmdb_ci_netgear
label: ServiceNow CMDB Network
update-mode: append
mandatory: [ "name", "model_id", "ip_address" ]
# SQLite extension.
- name: mylocaldb
type: sqlite
dbpath: '/tmp/output/mydb.db'
- tag: table1
table: table1
update-mode: append
- tag: table2
table: table2
update-mode: replace
# Local file extension. To explore and visualize the data from CSV files.
- name: localfiles
type: file
# CloudFabrix Machine Learning (ML) extension for Clustering & Prediction.
- type: cfxai_clustering
name: cfxusml
- tag: logclustering
type: cluster
cluster_columns: [ "description" ]
pickle_path: /tmp/output/models/clustering/
minimum_cluster_size: 50
minimum_sample_size: 1
- tag: logprediction
type: predict
cluster_columns: [ "description" ]
pickle_path: /tmp/output/models/clustering/
# CloudFabrix Machine Learning (ML) extension for Regression analysis.
- type: cfxai_regression
name: cfxml
- tag: '1hour'
frequency: '1H'
timestamp-column: timestamp
timestamp-format: 'ms'
value-column: value
# CloudFabrix Machine Learning (ML) extension for Classification.
- name: cfxsml
type: cfxai_classification
- tag: classification-working
type: classify
input_nlp_columns: [ "Summary" ]
target_column: "Issue Type"
pickle_path: /tmp/output/models/issues/
- tag: classificationprediction
type: predict
pickle_path: /tmp/output/models/issues/classifier.pickle

Configuration parameter details:

Parameter Name
Parameter Description
Global parameter. Valid values are 'yes' (default) or 'no'. When multiple extensions or datasources need to be integrated, set it to 'yes'. It is a mandatory parameter.
Global parameter. Allows to define one or more extensions or datasources for integration. It is a mandatory parameter.