CFXQL User Interface

The following procedure explains on accessing CFXQL as part of CloudFabrix' applications like cfxAIA (Asset Intelligence Advisor).

Step 1: Login to cfxDimensions and select AIA (Asset Intelligence Advisor) application.

Step 2: CFXQL is accessible by clicking on the CFXQL icon as displayed below.

Accessing CFXQL from within AIA application

Step 3: The following query screen is displayed.

  1. Click on CFXQL icon to open query view.

  2. Free text area where the queries are entered. Please refer to sample queries on how to build the query.

  3. Name the query

  4. Closes the view

  5. Saves the query under the name of the query.

A sample query is as displayed.

The filter is applied as shown below. You can click on the name of query to access and modify the query.

A different query as entered below to query equipment type 'Chasis' and first seen after a date and time. Example -

(Equipment_Type is 'CHASSIS') and (first_seen is after 'Sep 15 2020, 10am')

Result as follows

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