Portal Navigation

Portal Navigation

Logging into Workspace

Enter workspace portal url for example https://<workspace>.cloudfabrix.io (replace workspace with your organization workspace name).

Contact your workspace administrator in case you are not registered as user. Only workspace administrators can add new users.

Launching cfxPulse Application

There are multiple ways cfxPulse application can be launched.

1) When you navigate to main workspace, click on Apps if application is not displayed. Click on cfxPulse as shown.

2) Another way to navigate to application is by clicking on 3 vertical dots and selecting 'Launch' as shown.

3) Third way of navigation is if you already bookmarked or know application url. URL will be of the following form.

https://<workspacename>-pulse.cloudfabrix.io. For example, if your workspace name is acmecorp then your cfxPulse App URL will be https://acmecorp-pulse.cloudfabrix.io/

URL can be bookmarked for future usage.

When you navigate using bookmarked url or direct application url and assuming you have SSO enabled, you are navigated directly to the application. Otherwise, it will ask you to enter username and password as shown.

Top Navigation Menu (From workspace)

Once logged in via workspace (not directly to cfxPulse), you will see assigned applicatoins on the homepage.


Apps show all the applications you have been assigned / authorized to work with.


Resources shows any application related files, documentation, etc.


Displays currently logged in user activities like when the user logged in, etc.


Support allows the user to raise support incident/ticket with Cloudfabrix.

cfxPulse Menu Items and Navigation

Main Menu Item can be activated by clicking on the 3 vertical line icon at the top left area of the portal, as shown below

Activate the Portal Menu by clicking on 3-vertical icon on top left

A customer admin will see a Menu similar to the following structure

Customer Admin Menu Structure

Menu Name



Portal Home page or Main Dashboard that contains widgets to show Overall Operational health, Summary Analytics, Alert Summary etc.


Contains list of Dashboards, including Main Dashboard, My Dashboard and any other Custom Dashboards that are created by user.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard - will be initially empty and user can add any widget from portal to My Dashboard. Note: There is only one My Dashboard per user. If user needs more dashboards, Custom Dashboards feature can be used to create more dashboards.

Device Inventory

Contains the inventory listing of devices. Also contains Search or Query filter to located devices or incidents.


Contains exported PDF dashboard reports


Contains Monitoring Setup & Configuration related functions namely Discovery, Environments, Notifications etc.


Users and Dashboard administrations

Manage Metrics

Create custom or composite metrics for adding to custom dashboards

Manage Dashboards

Create, publish or edit custom dashboards

Main Dashboard

Main Dashboard is a summary view of all monitored subsidiaries, departments or environments that exist within the administrative control of the logged in customer.

Devices by Type

Devices by Management Status

Entities by Type

Port Status

Ports by Type

Devices by Reachability Status

Devices by Alarm Severity

Alarms by Severity

System Alarms by Severity

Customer Home Page

The user can navigate to different dashboard or to Device Inventory to select various options.

Go to Device Inventory > Click on Workspace name from left side widget to open the customer home page

Device Grouping - Site and Technology Based

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