Locating a Device

User can search for any device in the search box provided as part of Device Inventory. One can navigate to search device Device Inventory -> Search. Below an example of searching by router is shown.

Information About a Device

By selecting device from search results, device summary and all the information like availability, alarms, usage, status, etc are displayed. The following are some of the sample dashboards

Site Summary

Device Reachability / Availability

Device Performance

By clicking on interface name, one can navigate to get more information about the interface. Data is collected only for 'Managed' interface.

Device Environmental Metrics

Environmental metrics include Temperature, Power and Fan metrics. Environmental metrics can be viewed from Device Dashboard‌


WAN Interfaces

WAN interfaces are created as a separate group in the Device Hierarchy. WAN group contains only WAN interfaces and provides quick and easy way to monitor WAN infrastructure.

Device Neighbors Report

This report gives a list of neighbors of a network device. This is available from device dashboard

Network Device Features and Licenses

License Details report shows list of OS features/licenses used by a device. This report is available in device dashboard

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