Nagios XI

Configure Nagios XI for API Access:

CloudFabrix supports Nagios XI API integration for fetching asset inventory (host, service data) , relationship data (host & service groups) periodically or on demand. The collected data is primarily used to get additional information for Alert enrichment, correlation to reduce the alert noise & to triage the incident faster. For API integration, it requires only read access permissions. Follow the below given steps to create service account for CloudFabrix AIOps solution with read-only permissions on Nagios XI monitoring tool.
Step 1: Login into Nagios XI monitoring tool with admin privileges.
Step2: Click on 'Admin' --> Click on 'Manage Users' and --> Click on 'Add New User' to create new user account.
Step 3: Enter Username, Password, Name & Email Address.
Unselect the below items:
    Force Password Change at Next Login:
    Email User Account Information:
    Create as Monitoring Contact
Select the below items:
    Account Enabled
    Security Settings
      Authorization Level: User
      Can see all hosts and services
      Read-only access
      API access
Click on 'Add User'
Step 4: Click on newly create user account (i.e. cfx-readonly) to view the account settings.
Step 5: Copy the API Key to feed it into CloudFabrix AIOps solution. You can also generate new API key by clicking on 'Generate new API key' button.

Adding Nagios XI as Datasource/Extension in 'RDA':

Nagios XI or any other datasource/extension's configuration is configured in RDA's user interface. Login into RDA's user interface using a browser.
Under 'Notebook', click on 'CFXDX Python 3' box
In the 'Notebook' command box, type botadmin() and alt (or option) + Enter to open datasource administration menu.
Click on 'Add' menu and under Type drop down, select nagios
    type: Datasource/Extension type. In this context, it is 'nagios'
    name: Datasource/Extension label which should be unique within the RDA
    Hostname: VMware vCenter's IP Address or DNS name
    API Key: API key in Nagios UI that was created with 'read-only' permissions
Click on 'Check Connectivity' to verify the network access and credentials validity. Once it is validated, click on 'Add' button to add the Nagios XI as a datasource.
Below are available data bots for Nagios XI datasource.
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