CloudFabrix Enterprise IT Asset Discovery tool


cfxEdgeCollector is a discovery tool which collects the inventory data of IT assets. It uses industry standard protocols to collect IT asset inventory over the network. It uses the following protocols for asset discovery and data collection:



● WMI (Windows environment)


The collected inventory data of IT assets can be utilized by other CloudFabrix products on demand for IT Asset Lifecycle Management or Cloudfabrix's Asset Intelligence Advisor (AIA).

Key Benefits of cfxEdgeCollector

● It can be installed on any supported Linux OS distribution.

● Device credentials are secured within the customer environment.

● Collected data is formatted in a human readable JSON format for review and audit.

● Flexible discovery rules that can be optimized as per user needs.

● Allows the collection of asset inventory data in a secure fashion (locally or via remote method).

● It can scale from a few hundred to thousands of devices and applications in a datacenter.

cfxEdgeCollector currently supports discovery and data collection of the following devices and assets:

1) Networking devices in a fabric

2) VMware Virtual Infrastructure

3) Windows OS

4) Unix/Linux OS

5) Software / Applications

6) Application Connections

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