Incident - Create, View, Action

Add Incident

You create new incident by clicking 'New Incident' button from the incidents view top bar.

1) Select Incident Category - Select from drop down menu of the incident type. The current selectable options are

a) Network Performance

b) Application Performance

c) AWS App Performance

d) Host Performance

e) Knowledgebase

f) Network Performance

g) Transaction Performance.

2) Enter Description - Incident description

3) Enter Occurred Time - Select Date and time of the incident.

4) Click on 'Save'.

Working With Incidents

You can navigate an incident by clicking on the incident. It takes you Incident workbench with the following features.

1) Next Steps / Overview Page:

Once you click on an incident number, it takes you Next Steps Page which provides the following information.

a) How Similar Incidents Are Resolved?

This section helps in identifying if the previous similar incidents were resolved by configuration restore, equipment reset, maintenance, etc.

b) Who Resolved?

This section indicates who worked on similar incidents and how many times they did is expressed through percentile.

c) Root Cause Inference

This section provides alert groups by root cause percentage

d) Observations

This section allows to review observations to further root cause analysis based on metrics and logs for Application logs, Data base

e) Diagnostics

This section provides diagnostic tools so that the root cause is identified like ICMP ping etc.

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