When I tried using the Edge browser, the filters are not clearly visible when viewing data? Make sure you have proper screen resolution to get the filters displayed.

Accessing RDA in firefox is working okay but chrome is giving this error NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID?

  • Right click, select inspect element

  • click on console tab

  • Copy paste sendCommand(SecurityInterstitialCommandId.CMD_PROCEED) press Enter

  • Boom! it should load the page :)

For other solutions refer to this page to fix this issue on Chrome browser

Not able to access RDA UI? Make sure your docker service is up and running. Note: On Mac OS/Windows, check your desktop docker is up and running (docker icon will show up on)

Why the following pipeline is failing at @dm: eval?

%% stream = no and limit = 0
-->  *dm:filter        number = 'INC0012366'
-->  @dm:save    name='temp-snow-incident'
-->  @c:new-block   
-->  @dm:recall    name='temp-snow-incident'
-->  @dm:map    from='description' & to='data'
-->  @dm:eval    subject='help.please'
-->  @nats:requests

dm: eval expects a proper valid expression. Add the following to @dm: eval to fix this.

--> @dm:eval subject = “‘help.please’”

Is there any way to export the output of bots() command into a CSV file or a dataset

Use the following ( get_bots() will return it as a data frame)


I want to pass content-Type as a header in the params for the rest-client bot, but I get a cfxql error:

Use backquotes with cfxql `Content-Type` (- is a special char for cfxql )

How to use extract FQDN from a string or a summary data?

Use grok exprssion to extract FQDN from a string or from summary data as shown in below example:

-->  @dm:empty    
-->  @dm:addrow summary='Device Performance for '
-->  @dm:grok column='summary' and pattern='%{(?i)([a-zA-Z0-9]+(-[a-zA-Z0-9]+)*\.)+[a-z]{2,}:fqdn}'
-->  @dm:grok column='summary' and pattern='%{IPV4:vm_ip_address}'

I want to use grok in my pipelines, where can I get some examples?

Below are pipeline code snippets that provide examples of how to use grok.

# Example -1 -- Extracting IP and port using pattern
--> @dm:addrow description = "Server ip is and port is 2345"
--> @dm:grok column = "description" & pattern = "Server ip is %{IP:server_ip} and port is %{INT:server_port}"

#Example -2 
--> @dm:addrow instance = "SOME TEXT"
--> @dm:extract columns = "instance" and expr = ".* (?P<ip_only>[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}).*"

#Example -3 
--> @dm:addrow instance = "SOME TEXT"
--> @dm:grok column = "instance" and pattern = "%{IP:ip_address}:%{POSINT:port}?"

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