cfxOLA - Incidents

Incidents allows you to quickly navigate through and action upon the Incidents.

Under projects top bar, you will see all the incidents which are starred (user's favourites), Archived, To do, Analyzing and Review depending on where that incident is.

Filtering bar below Incident Status allows to filter the displayed incidents by any column and its value. You can also apply time filter. A time filter allows the incidents to be selected based on when the incidents created during the day, 24hours, 1 week, 1 month or 3 months.

The following options are available within filtering bar.

1) Filtering Criteria - word matching, time filters

2) Saving a filter - for later use

3) Sharing a filter - to share with other teams

4) To view recently applied filters

5) To toggle filters

Incidents results table displays all the incidents and only filtered incidents if the filtering has been applied.

The following features are available as part of Incidents table view.

1) Search Incidents.

2) Add new Incidents

The following available via hamburger/context menu

3) Export incidents - to export as csv file

4) Column Selector - to select columns displayed in the view

5) Add to My Dashboard - to store the view on My Dashboard view so that it can be easily accessible from My Dashboard.

6) Maximize - to maximize the incidents view.

7) View Incident

Apart from above features, 'priority' column has sort option directly from the column header.

Navigate to Incident to perform Incident related actions or to view the incident information.

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