cfxOIA- Stacks

A stack contains corresponding resolvers to complete a certain functionality like data from App performance monitoring, etc. For example, if we are creating a stack for AWS App Performance, then it needs the resolvers as shown.

Each resolver will indicate if any configuration needs to be performed so that it can function/resolve as required. From above, we can see that AWS EC2 Resolver needs configuration and if we select 'Edit' from the context menu of the resolver, you are navigated to Data Source selection screen for the resolver to work and if it requires any Gateway Access. A sample screen is as shown below.

How to create new stack?

Step 1: Select 'Stacks' tab and once you are in Stacks view, click on '+' Add button on top right bar menu.

Step 2: Enter the following details

a) Stack Name

b) Description

c) Select Stack Template. The existing templates are displayed as shown below. Once you select the template, click Save so that corresponding resolvers are copied.

Step 3: The newly created Stack is shown in Stacks view and status is 'Configured' if no configuration is required. If Configuration is required, then it displays 'Needs Configuration'.

Step 4: You can enter configuration information where it displays 'Needs Configuration'. As example, the following screens display the flow.

Step 5: Let us take an example of 'smartstore' whose status is 'Needs Configuration'. Click on Stack Sequence and following screen is displayed.

Step 6: To enter configuration details, on context menu of where it says 'Needs Configuration', click 'Edit'.

As an example select DNS resolver and on its context menu click 'Change', which opens the following view. If you select Environment required then it shows the option to select the environment.

Step 7: The above completes the procedure to create a stack.

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