Getting Started

Log & Event Monitoring and Analytics with cfxLog Analytics

Solution Overview

cfxLogAnalytics is the centralized log management solution that can be deployed on-prem or used as a service through CloudFabrix SaaS portal. The solution ingests logs from multiple tools and enables IT teams with advanced analytics and insights. The solution also leverages AI & ML capabilities to perform event correlation, failure root cause detection and event categorization. Log and event data can be ingested from any managed asset using readily available connectors or plugins. Remote or on-premises environments can use cfxCollector as a proxy between customer environment and cfxLog Analytics.

The solution focuses on 3 key areas

  1. Log Analysis: Centralized Logs, Multi-tenant (Log Separation), Long Term Archival, etc

  2. Traffic Analysis: Noisy Neighbours, Top Services / Protocols, Root Cause Analysis, etc

  3. Security Analysis: Threat Originating Regions, Threat Severities, IDP/IDS Logs, Event Correlation, etc.

With cfxLogAnalytics IT teams can

  • Garner deep insights and analytics from millions of IT logs and events

  • Identify performance blind spots, detect abnormal usage patterns, establish top talkers, chatty applications or perform forensic and threat analysis.

  • Performs secure multi-tenant log separation and long-term archival of raw, unmodified logs to meet audit compliance and regulatory requirements.

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