Settings Menu

From Down settings menu (gear icon), one can access filters , My Downloads and My Jobs. a.

Filters allows to import custom filters in JSON format. Click Here for detailed process on how to import filters in json format.

b. My Downloads

My Downloads is the place where you can download the reports, exported from views like tabular reports, etc from dashboards. The following procedure explains on how to export and download a file.

On a tabular view, click on context menu and click on 'Export' as shown below. Click on context menu (Hamburger Menu) of the report the user want to export and click on Export.

The following options are available at Fig 4.2, select the format (CSV, XLS and PDF), select either all pages or only current page and click on Export.

There are two options will be provided. If the number of rows of data is less than 1000, then it will be directly downloaded to local drive as shown below.

However, if the number of records are more than 5000 as shown for sample Dependent Application assets report in Fig 4.4. As it normally takes few minutes when there is large data, instead of allowing direct download, it will download remotely and available for direct download from 'My Downloads'.

A message will be displayed as follows.

A notification will be displayed at right hand top side with number of notifications displayed as shown in Fig 4.6.

By clicking on left menu ( < ), a notification view is displayed with all notifications. The current notification for the file download is as shown in Fig 4.7

How to Download File from My Downloads

Click on Settings and then chose 'My Documents' as shown in Fig 4.8

The files ready for download are available as shown and one can access in two ways. Directly clicking on the filename and also navigating via context menu and clicking on 'Download File'.

As can be seen in the above Fig 4.9, on context menu of file, one can delete the file or regenerate notification apart from downloading the file.

c. My Jobs

My Jobs allows to access jobs allocated to the user.

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