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cfxOIA - How to add a project

Before adding a project, complete 'Add DataSource' section as documented here.

Step 1: Login to OIA Administration app as Administrator.

Step 2: The initial Project tab view will be empty and click on 'Add Project' on top bar.

Enter the following details on 'Room Properties'.

a. Name: Name of the project

b. Description: Description of the project

c. Tick the check box at 'Auto Generate Incident Details', if you want to automatically generate incident details.

d. Enter maximum number of incidents to be processed in selected timeframe. Irrespective of number of incidents received during selected timeframe, how many incidents the business wants to automatically create.

e. Enter timeframe value for selected incident processing.

f. Enter timeframe unit for selected incident processing from drop-down list. Current values are Minute, Hour and Day.

A Sample screen is as shown below.

Step 3: Click 'Next' to enter Purge Settings. The details required as follows:

a. Enter 'Auto archive incident in (days)'. Enter in how many days you want to archive old incidents.

b. Enter 'Auto delete incident data in (days)' . Enter in how many days you want to delete incident data (old and archived)

c. Enter 'Auto delete incident in (days)'. Enter in how many days you want to delete the incident (old and archived)

A sample screen is as shown below.

Step 4: Click 'Next' to select Data Sources.

In this screen, select all the applicable datasources for the project. All data sources previously configured for OIA will be displayed.

Against each of data source, click on '+' button so that corresponding data source can be selected.

A sample Datasources mapping and Data source selection for Elasticsearch Datasource is as shown for guidance.

Step 5: Click Finish

The project is now available from Projects View. A Sample screen is as shown.

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