Solution Overview

Asset Lifecycle Analytics & Adoption Management

With an ever-changing IT asset landscape, IT environments have become more complex and dynamic. Constant addition and removal of software and hardware assets, coupled with new types of consumption models make-it difficult to effectively manage, plan and optimize asset utilization and spend. With cfxAIA, enterprises can automate asset lifecycle management gaining complete visibility into asset lifecycle to intelligently plan and budget for new equipment, replacements and refresh cycles.

cfxAIA leverages integrations with over 100 data sources to deliver critical insights across asset lifecycle, utilization and spend using easy-to-understand dashboards without creating a huge management workload. cfxAIA built-in workflows for Customer Success Management and adoption management enables better operational scheduling and improved business outcomes

Key Benefits

Clear visibility into all IT assets Optimize IT spend Maximize software adoption Identify Aging Assets and out of contract assets License and entitlement compliance Cost savings after renewal optimization Strategize & Plan IT modernization & technology refresh projects Adopt subscription based consumption models

Key Capabilities

Utilization Management Asset deployment and utilization Reduce over subscription Optimize Spend Visibility into license purchased and installed Intelligently plan and budget for new equipment Automated Inventory & Reporting Complete visibility into Asset portfolio & Reporting Automate data ingestion

Lifecycle Management Asset lifecycle insights Contract status Mitigate EOL, EOS risks Real Time Data Ingestion & Integrations Any Data, Any Source, Instantaneous Ingestion Extensible Data ingestion architecture Native integrations with over 100+ widely used systems and tools

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