How to Add, Edit, Delete MSP

How to add, edit and delete Managed Service Providers

Add Managed Service Provider (MSP)

1) Login as Platform Administrator. Expand Left side menu (1), Click on Administration (2) and then click on 'Managed Service Providers (3)' as shown below
Fig1.1. Main Menu -> Administration -> Managed Service Providers
2) You will be navigated to Managed Service Providers View as shown in Fig1.2 . Initially, no Managed Service Providers will be available and the view will show empty values/screen.
Fig1.2. Managed Service Providers
3) Click '+' icon as shown below to create new MSP as shown in Fig1.3.
Fig1.3. Click '+' to add MSP
4) The following 'Add Managed Service Provider' view/screen is displayed.
Fig1.4. Add Managed Service Provider
Enter Name (Fig1.4, 1), Description(Fig1.4,2) and Click on 'Add' (Fig1.4,3) as shown above. New MSP will be added to the system.

Options at MSP

  1. 1.
    Click on hamburger menu Fig5 (as shown below for the selected/displayed MSP).
Fig1.5. Hamburger Menu on MSP
2. Various options that are available in this context menu on the selected MSP are as follows
Fig1.6. Options on MSP

1. View MSP Details

Click on 'View Details' option (Fig1.6) . This option once selected will display MSP Name, State (Active / Deactivate), Description as shown below in Fig2
Fig2. MSP View Details

2. Customers

Click on 'Customers' option (Fig1.6). The customers and their State under selected MSP details are as shown below in Fig3.
Fig3. Customers

3. Users

Click on 'Users' option (Fig1.6). Current users under selected MSP are displayed.
Note: Other users at MSP (with Platform Administrator privilege) level access are displayed. For viewing all users under MSP, please use the following navigation path which displays the users along with their privilege access level are displayed.
To View all users and their privilege level of access, navigate as follows. As displayed in Fig4.1, from the main Menu (1), Select Administration menu item (2) and then, click on Users menu item (3).
Fig4.1. Main Menu -> Administration -> Users
The following screen capture in Fig4.2 displays a set of users in a lab environment. It displays all types of users present in the platform along with their role, state and access level.
Fig4.2. List of Users and their access level
Platform admin can add new users - Platform Admin, MSP Admin, and Customers as shown.
All Users related information will be covered as part of Users section.

4. Deactivate MSP

Platform Admin can deactivate MSP by selecting 'Deactivate' (Fig1.6) from the hamburger menu on the MSP.

5. Delete MSP

Platform Admin can delete MSP by selecting 'Delete' (Fig1.6) from the hamburger menu on the MSP.

6. Adding Authentication Server (Active Directory)

Navigation: Main Menu (Left)(Fig6.1, 1) -> Administration(Fig6.1, 2) -> Authentication Servers (Fig6.1, 3).
Fig 6.1 Authentication Servers
Click '+' to add new authentication server as shown in Fig 6.2
Fig 6.2 Add Authentication Server (Like Active Directory)
The following add Authentication Server view is shown.
Fig 6.3 Add Authentication Server
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Server IP or Host Name
  3. 3.
    use SSL - Check this box, if SSL is required.
  4. 4.
    Protocol - Select either LDAP or Active Directory
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Base BN (Only Applicable for LDAP) and not captured when Active Directory is selected.
  7. 7.
    Principal DN Format
  8. 8.
    User Search Filter Format
  9. 9.
    Username (Fully distinguished name)
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
    Test Connection (After entering above values) To test the details entered are valid
  12. 12.
    Add - To save the values so that these are available whenever user needs to be authenticated while logging in