Sending Logs to Logstash Forwarder

How to send logs from individual systems to Logstash

The following example tails the /var/log/test.log file and forwards every line to a Logstash beats input. To start pushing logs, you need to replace the config file named filebeat.yml with the one below and restart Filebeat.

        - /var/log/logstash/test.log
        # - c:\logs\test.log
    hosts: ["LOGSTASH_HOST:11111"]
For this to work, Logstash also needs to be configured to accept logs from Filebeat:
input {
  beats {
    port => 11111

output {
  elasticsearch {
    # use port 80 for plain HTTP, instead of HTTPS
    hosts => ""
    # set to false if you don't want to use SSL/HTTPS
    ssl => "true"
    index => "db0461c5-7106-4b3e-b2af-42f20fd95b0f"
    manage_template => false

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