Add DataSource
cfxOIA- Add Data Source
CloudFabrix OIA comes with predefined data source types. You need to select the corresponding datasource type while adding datasource which explained below under 'How to add datasource'.
The following are the default datasource types provisioned as part of OIA.
    Amazon EC2
    cfxPulse API
    cfxPulse Influx DB
    Cisco SNTC API
    Cisco Support API
    ELK Stack
    NetApp ONTAP
    NetApp ONTAP C Module
    VMware vCenter
CloudFabrix based on business requirements may support new datasource type and if your business require a datasource type not covered in the above list, please contact your business CloudFabrix contact for such feasibility of introducing new datasource type.

How to add / map DataSource to DataSource Type

Step 1: Click on 'DataSources'. It displays either blank view or existing datasources. To add new one, click on '+' on top right corner.
Step 2: The following details need to be entered.
a. DataSource Name: Enter data source name
b. Description: Enter description
c. Requires Gateway Accesss: Select Yes / No
If Gateway Access is required, select Yes, then 'Select Environment' is displayed. Chose the relevant environment.
d. Select Datasource Type:
Select relevant datasource type from the list displayed. The list is as given above.
Step 3. Click 'Save' to save the gateway.
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