cfxOIA - Teams

A team is another team or channel or helpdesk software where an incident can be assigned for further processing. For example, say there is application team XYZ which deals with only queries or issues with XYZ application, then creating a team XYZ and assigning relevant incident to this team to resolve.

How to create new Team?

Step 1: Click Teams from left side menu.

Step 2: Click on '+' button from top right menu to create new team.

Step 3: Enter the team properties.

a) Team Name: Enter team name

b) Description: Enter a description for the team

c) Select Team Source - It is a dropdown which shows the teams and by selecting a team, it allows to chose Collaboration or datasource or other depending on the type.

For example, selecting ServiceNow displays select Data Source. The following incident Template is displayed

*Summary*: ${summary}
*Priority*: ${priority}
*Opened Time*: ${datetime_created}
*State*: ${state}
*Created By*: ${creator}
*Target Application/ Infrastructure Stack*: ${stackType} (${stackLabel})

d) Comment Template -

Hello ${team_name}, a message has been shared from CloudFabrix Incident Room. 
Please login to ${incident_link} and review the recommended next steps.

e) Enable Auto Share. This shows when to autoshare. The options available to select are

i) Received

ii) Resolved / Closed

iii) Assigned

iv) Updated

v) Diagnostic Tools Output

Step 4: Click 'Next' to navigate to Layer Properties. Here you select whether you want to apply this team to all Stack Layers or only specific layer. When you select, 'Select Layers', it displays all possible Stack Layers so that you can chose specific layers.

Step 5: Click Finish which saves the team.

How to edit a Team?

You can edit properties of the team by selecting the team and clicking 'Edit' on context menu. This will take user to existing values in edit mode so that the values can be corrected before clicking Finish to save the changes.

How to delete a Team?

If you no longer require a particular team, you can always delete by selecting 'Delete' on context menu of the team chosen from the Teams tab.

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