Active Directory Integration

cfxDimensions - AD Integration / Configuration

Steps to be followed in cfxDimensions

Prerequisites 1. cfxDimensions platform is expected to deploy as part of OIA. 2. Active directory details (FQDN, Service Account to integrate AD with cfxDimensions) are available to the platform administrator to add/configure/enable AD integration with the cfxDimensions platform.

Step 1: Login to the cfxDimensions portal using platform administrator privileges (as shown below)

Step 2:

Once platform administrator logins, from the cfxDimensions portal landing page, select or click the action button on the top left-hand corner of the main landing page (as shown below).

Step 3:

Step 2 will pull down a list of features that a platform administrator can perform. One of the items in the list is, “Authentication Servers” as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4:

Once a user selects the `Authentication Servers” button, the cfxDimensions platform will present a UI for adding ‘Authentication Server’ to the platform as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 5:

Use “+” button to the top left-hand corner of the UI to add the service account details to the cfxDimensions platform as shown in the screenshot.

Step 6:

Use ‘Test Connection’ to verify the credentials and connectivity validation from cfxDimensions to the AD environment. Once ‘Test Connection’ is successfully verified, platform administrators will be able to add users from AD to the cfxDimensions environment.

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